Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Suggested Plan of Study: Full time

Course # Course Name Credits*
Fall, Year 1
GNUR 8210 Scientific Progress in Nursing 3-0-0-3
GNUR 8130 Statistical Methods for Health Care Research I 3-0-0-3
GNUR 8220 Philosophy of Science and Development of Nursing Knowledge


GNUR 8000 Seminar in Nursing Science


Spring, Year 1
GNUR 8140 Statistical Methods for Health Care Research II 3-0-0-3
GNUR 8110 Quantitative Research Methods 3-0-0-3
GNUR 8230 Historical Inquiry in Nursing 3-0-0-3
GNUR 8120 Qualitative Research Methods 3-0-0-3
Fall, Year 2
GNUR 8410 Grant Writing Seminar 3-0-0-3
Spring, Year 2
  Cognates and electives  
Variable Semesters
GNUR 8435 Scholarship in Research Ethics OR (BIMS 7100) 1-0-0-1
BIMS 7100 Research Ethics OR (PHSE 7650) 1-0-0-1
PHSE 7650 Ethics and Law in Human Subjects Research (offered in odd years, fall) 2-0-0-2
GNUR 9110 Research Practicum (4 credits minimum)  
GNUR 9890 Dissertation Seminar (enroll post-comprehensive exam) 1-0-0-1
GNUR 9999 Dissertation Research 3-0-0-3
  Cognates and Electives  

* Each School of Nursing course is identified by a 4-digit academic credit nomenclature:

  1. the first digit denotes the classroom hours
  2. the second digit denotes the lab hours
  3. the third digit denotes the clinical hours (1 credit = 56 hours)
  4. and the fourth digit denotes the total credits earned

Please Visit the Graduate Record for the official program requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing.

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