A leader can be a big factor in a healthy work environment, but a work environment belongs to EVERYONE. -E. Rudy

Details about UVA Nursing's commitment to a healthy work environment, our HWE Committee, and our devotion to community, respect, discourse and, of course, work-life balance.


A cornerstone of the UVA SON Strategic Plan is the Healthy Work Environment (HWE) initiative. Formally established in 2011, this initiative identified statements of exactly what a Healthy Work Environment meant to faculty and staff. Our “compiled wisdom” was organized into five areas—Respect & Appreciation, Communication, Workload, Physical Environment, and Interpersonal Relationships—and that became our Working Statement (requires NetBadge login). This dedication to creating and sustaining a healthy community is part of what makes this a unique place to work and learn.


Work/Life Balance: All of us—staff, faculty, and students—can benefit from a healthier work/life balance. UVA offers lots of great resources to help us thrive; we hope this list helps you discover and connect with resources. 

School of Nursing

  • Compassionate Care Initiative: Cultivating resilience and compassion in healthcare through innovative educational and experiential programs. CCI’s vision is to have safe and high-functioning healthcare environments with healthy and happy healthcare professionals, where heart and humanity are valued and embodied. In addition to FREE, public drop-in yoga, meditation, and t’ai chi sessions held in the Maria “Tussi” Kluge Resiliency Room and the CSC/Compassionate Care Classroom, the website offers links to print, guided relaxation practices (including audio), and other resources to promote self-care and resilience (for everyone!). 
  • Resiliency/Meditation space (sponsored by CCI): Fully equipped for yoga and meditation, the Maria “Tussi” Kluge Resiliency Room (McLeod 2025) and the CSC/Compassionate Care Classroom (McLeod 2010), are quiet spaces where students, faculty and staff can take a break in their day to relax, reflect, and/or stretch, when the space is not being used by a class or a drop-in.  
  • Inclusion, Diversity and Excellence Achievement (IDEA): Excellence is at the heart of all the roles that we enact in nursing: excellence in educational preparation, best and evidence-based clinical practice, and innovative and collaborative knowledge generation. A vital part of our excellence is our diversity: in people, thought, and experiences. The School of Nursing has fully embraced the IDEA initiative to promote an inclusive community for all who study and work here. This includes efforts to increase access, promote an inclusive and respectful climate for engagement, and ensure inclusive practices in teaching, research, and clinical practice-- all based on a philosophy of cultural humility. 

School of Medicine

  • Wellness/Engagement Lunchtime Sessions: Free 1-hour sessions (registration required, lunch included!) on a variety of topics (including work/life balance, parenting, and eldercare) offered to all UVa community members. 
  • Mindfulness CenterOffers a range of general and healthcare-specific mindfulness training.  


  • Staff SenateCheck out the UVA Staff Senate comprehensive resource list.

Help Build a Healthy Community: The SON Healthy Community initiative continues to develop and grow. A healthy work environment belongs to us all; your input is valued and needed!

We welcome your participation and feedback.

Share a suggestion:  If you have resources, suggestions or feedback to share with the committee, please contact us