Pre-Licensure Student Clinical Attire

Purchasing information

The School of Nursing requires that all students participating in clinical wear the SON nursing uniform. Students purchase the uniform from the UVA Bookstore before the start of the 2nd year of the BSN program or the 1st summer session for CNL students. BSN students will wear the uniform starting in the fall semester in the Therapeutic Principles lab.

The following items must be purchased from the UVA Bookstores:

  • Ceil blue scrub top with the embroidered SON Logo
  • Pair of professional navy blue uniform scrub pants

Sizing chart:



Please note that BSN and CNL students will not need to purchase the lab coat or nursing polo shirt. 

Scrub tops and pants must be ordered from the UVA Bookstore. You may not purchase any of the items listed above elsewhere or they will not match. 

Pre-Licensure Student Clinical Attire


Clinical attire and appearance standards are provided to promote professionalism, safety, and infection prevention. Students will be requested to leave the clinical setting when their clinical attire does not adhere to guidelines and a grade of “unsatisfactory” will be assigned for that particular clinical experience. Some units have a stricter uniform policy. Students are required to review and abide by the uniform policy on the unit where they are assigned.


  • UVA SON/Medical Center ID–SON IDs are to be worn above the waist and visible during clinical preparation and clinical experiences.Students must adhere to the UVA Health System ID Badge Policy. Note: this policy is currently under consideration for revision. 
  • Lab Coat– Approved UVA School of Nursing lab coats are provided to second-year BSN students at the annual White Coat Ceremony. Lab coats are worn when on the unit for clinical preparation as well as on the day of clinical and when specified by the course professor. Lab coats must be clean, in good condition and pressed. Professional attire is required under lab coats (scrub top and pants are acceptable).
  • Scrub Top and Pants– Approved UVA School of Nursing scrubs are available at the Newcomb Hall Bookstore. Uniform scrubs should be clean and pressed; scrub ties are to be tucked inside. A plain, white T-shirt or tank top may be worn under the scrub top.
  • Vest – Approved UVA School of Nursing vests are an optional part of the uniform. Vests must be clean and purchased directly from the Newcomb Hall Bookstore. Vests in different color or design purchased from nursing student organizations or outside of the bookstore are not acceptable.
  • Shoes– Shoes must be clean, closed-toe and closed-back (entire foot must be covered), in good condition, and appropriate for the clinical setting. They must be made of solid material. Shoes cannot have mesh, fabric or be permeable to liquids or sharps. Soles should be non-skid. Shoes can be made for health care professionals or tennis shoes as long as they meet the above specifications.
  • Socks – Socks must be of a solid, neutral color and cover the ankle.
  • Hair– Hair is to be clean and worn up or back, clear of face in a professional manner.
  • Fingernails– Nails are to be clean, trimmed, less than ¼ inch in length and shall not wear artificial nails (including but not limited to hybrid gels) or nail extenders of any type; only regular nail polish in good condition (i.e., not peeling or chipping) is permitted.
  • Jewelry/Piercings– Infection prevention and safety should be considered when wearing jewelry. Some units do not permit jewelry (e.g., NICU). Students must adhere to all unit-based policies. Jewelry should be minimal in patient care areas; no long, dangling earrings.
  • Perfume, Cologne and Make-Up – Perfume and cologne are not to be worn to prevent possible allergic reactions and/or nausea that it may evoke in patients. Make-up is limited in nature.

Professional attire is worn in the community clinical settings and the attire and appearance are the same as above with the following modifications: Scrub uniforms might be required at some community settings depending on where you are placed. Your clinical instructor will determine if you are to wear scrubs or not. If you are not wearing scrubs in the community, you are expected to wear clothing that is professional. Acceptable professional clothing includes knee length skirts or dresses, pants, shirts with short or long sleeves, and comfortable shoes. Clothing that is not acceptable is spandex or workout attire, t-shirts, tank tops, low cut tops, hats, sweat pants, shorts, baggy clothes, low waisted pants, tight clothing, flipflops or clogs. Some clinical settings require lab coats and in some cases you might be involved in an activity that might require you to dress in a manner that allows you to actively participate. Your clinical instructor will be able to give you direction about what attire would be acceptable for that specific activity.

Post-Licensure Student Clinical Attire

Students are to wear their usual uniform or scrubs, and when on rounds, a white lab coat that is clean and starched. Hair should be tied back, minimal jewelry, no facial rings. Students must wear an ID that says UVA student on it (not their usual ID) when working as a student. Any deviation from or creative interpretation of this policy is done at the discretion and with the approval of the clinical faculty responsible for students on a particular unit.