Information for Students in Clinicals/Practicum

The safety and success of all nursing students is our priority. We want to work together to set expectations and maintain a positive learning environment. Clinical training involves some risk in caring for patients, particularly those who may have infectious illnesses (including COVID-19, tuberculous, influenza, HIV, rotavirus, and others). To address these risks, UVA Health clinical practice reflects requirements and standards designed to protect the health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty, and our patients.

Thank you for all you are doing to contribute to your own safety and that of your fellow students and the UVA-Charlottesville community.

Symptom Monitoring

Students must monitor their symptoms daily prior to all lab and clinical/practicum learning activities as do all UVA Health employees. On a clinical attendance day if a student has any symptoms, they must immediately call to notify their clinical faculty (the night before or the morning of clinical assignment) and make a telehealth visit with Student Health. Students should not attend clinical or any in‐person training activities if they answer yes to any items the daily attestation form, develop symptoms or are exposed to COVID‐19 positive individual(s). If unsure, please contact your clinical faculty first.


The UVA Health travel policy is required for students in clinical placements at UVA Health; students must complete the attestation and travel screening when applicable. (To access this UVA Health webpage, login with your eservices credentials or turn on the UVA Anywhere VPN to bypass the login page).

Student Health

Potential Exposure Notifications

Information about SON procedures in response to potential exposure notifications.