Celebrating our 258 nurse graduates.

Under sunny skies on the North steps of the famed UVA Rotunda, 258 Class of 2024 UVA School of Nursing students earned their nursing degrees Sunday, May 19, including:

  • 154 students earned Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees, including 20 Accelerated BSNs (our School's first-ever cohort!) and 43 RNs who earned BSNs through the RN to BSN program
  • 36 Clinical Nurse Leader students earned a Master's of Science in Nursing degree (MSN)
  • 43 students earned MSNs and post-master's specialty certificates
  • 20 students earned Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees
  • 5 students earned a PhD in Nursing degree
  • In all, the Class of 2024 includes 145 brand new nurses

2024 Award Winners

BSN Class of 2024 Award Winners

BSN students chosen by faculty members for their clinical skill, leadership, and academic strength

  • Breanna Roach
    Virginia Nurses Association Leader Award
  • Frances Atangan
    The Susan Hutchinson Memorial Award
  • Sarah Rockecharlie
    Anne Pollok Hemmings Clinical Excellence Award
  • Dante Principe
    The 2024 Z Society Edgar Shannon Award for Academic Excellence winner

CNL Class of 2024 Award Winners

Clinical Nurse Leader students chosen by their faculty for their clinical skills, academic prowess, and leadership skills

  • Dianna Hays, Kaitlyn Leonard, Katherine MacAllister, and Brittany Schoeb
    The Outstanding CNL Capstone Award 
  • Hayden Van Hout
    The Clinical Nurse Leader Clinical Excellence Award

MSN, PhD, and DNP Class of 2024 Award Winners

Graduate students chosen by their faculty mentors for their academic skill, their clinical dedication, and for the power and strength of their scholarly pursuits

  • Ross Scallan
    The Lindsey Grizzard Braun Award
  • Tiffany Bittle
    The DNP Scholarly Practice Project Award
  • Maria McDonald
    The Verhonick Dissertation Award
  • Katy Hall
    The Brodie Award, the Outstanding GTA Award, and the Global Visionary Award

ROTC Nursing Students

  • Mya Johnson
    The U.S. Navy
  • Maria Sobriesk
    The U.S. Army
PhD in Nursing Dissertations

Closely guided by their faculty mentors, PhD in nursing students spend years doing a deep dive into original research topics before presenting their final projects to a committee. The following individuals successfully created, completed, and defended their dissertations:

  • Maria McDonald, RN, FNP-BC (PhD `24)
    Consequences of synthetic Oxytocin in the maternal brain
    (mentored by Drs. Jeanne Alhusen, Kathryn Laughon, Jessica Connelly, MD, and Jennifer Payne, MD)

  • Yeonsu Kim, RN (PhD `24)
    Blood pressure variability and its psycho-behavioral corrlates
    (mentored by Drs. Jeongok Logan, Jill Howie-Esquivel, Meghan Mattos, and Eric Davis, MD)

  • Katherine Platz, RN (PhD `24)
    The biobehavioral effects of gentle stretching in patients with heart failure
    (mentored by Drs. Jill Howie-Esquivel, Casey Cavanagh, Linda Park, Maureen Metzger, and Kathryn Laughon)

  • Shinae Seo, RN (PhD `24)
    The relationship between social support, social strain, and sleep quality among older adults with and without cognitive impairment
    (mentored by Drs. Meghan Mattos, Ishan Williams, Shannon Reilly, and Wen You)

  • Sarah Eaton-Rivera, RN (PhD `24)
    An egocentric network analysis of intimate partner violence
    (mentored by Drs. Kathryn Laughon, Katrina Debnam, Steven Johnson, and Shigehiro Oishi)

  • Anna Kutcher, RN (PhD `24)
    Exploring the feasibility and acceptability of acupuncture among patients with advanced cancer pain and their primary caregivers
    (mentored by Drs. Virginia LeBaron, Jill Howie-Esquivel, Regan Royer, MD, and Bethany Bell)

  • Vanessa Amos, RN, CNL (PhD `24)
    Measuring moral distress and moral distress consultation: A tiered investigation
    (mentored by Drs. Beth Epstein, Jeanne Alhusen, Virginia LeBaron, and Kevin Sullivan)
Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Practice Projects

With the guidance of their advisers and clinical mentors, Doctor of Nursing Practice students identify a clinical problem, gather existing research on it, pursue their own avenues of study, and present their findings and the clinical implications. The following DNP students successfully presented and defended their scholarly practice projects:

  • Tiffany Bittle, MSN, RN, NNP-BC (DNP `24) - Evaluating racial disparities in a neonatal intensive care unit parental support bundle (mentored by Drs. Barbara Reyna, Melissa Gomes, and Beth Quatrara)

  • Claire Lewis, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC, AOCNP-BC (DNP `24) - Palliative care screening in gynecological oncology: An evidence-based practice pilot (mentored by Drs. Regina DeGennaro and Beth Quatrara)

  • Kristin Long, MSN, RN, CCRN (DNP `24) - A multidisciplinary implementation of a sleep-promoting schedule and its impact on patient sleep quality (mentored by Drs. Beth Hundt, Jeanel Little, Beth Quatrara, and Clareen Wiencek)

  • Capt. Ross Scallan, MSN, APRN, AGCNS-BC (DNP `24) - A quality improvement project to enhance emergency nurse workplace violence reporting (mentored by Drs. Beth Quatrara and Ha Do Byon)

  • Jamie Myers, MSN, ACNPC-AG, BSN, CCRN, AAS, NRP (DNP `24) - Advance practice provider-led critical care team: A program evaluation (mentored by Drs. Kathryn Reid, Richard Ridge, and Beth Quatrara)

  • Sarah Hogan, MSN, RN, CCRN, CCNS, PMGT-BC, TCRN (DNP `23) - Improving nursing assessment using the Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale (RASS) (mentored by Drs. Regina DeGennaro, Richard Ridge, and Beth Quatrara

  • Rose Livengood (DNP `24) - Implementation of a mindfulness-based intervention to decrease loneliness and depression in the community setting (mentored by Drs. Terri Yost, Regina DeGennaro, and Beth Quatrara)

  • Osiris Grainger (DNP `24) - The implementation of a de-escalation program to reduce the number of violence occurrences to healthcare workers (mentored by Drs. Gina DeGennaro and Beth Quatrara)

  • Allen Magnone (DNP `23) - Implementation of a Broset violence checklist to combat workplace violence events: An evidence-based practice initiative (mentored by Drs. Beth Quatrara and Terri Yost)
Clinical Nurse Leader Capstone projects

CNL Class of 2024 Capstone Presentations

  • Rachel Conner-Gorby, Lily Latimer, Ava Sansovich, and Gracie Williams
    Utilizing whiteboards to improve patient satisfaction in communication with labor and delivery nurses

  • Sarah Beasley, Meredith Derucki, Claire Robinson, and Kate Walden
    What's all this racket about quiet at night?

  • Seth Bagley, Julia Gatens, and Hayden Van Hout
    Patient education: The importance of CHG bathing

  • Bridget Bodley, Jacob Dean, Lee Ann Solo, and Luke Tokman
    Reducing heparin administration errors via standardization of nursing handoff

  • Dianna Hays, Kaitlyn Leonard, Kate MacAllister, and Britt Schoeb
    Standardizing nurse shift handover in the ED to improve nurse communication and patient safety

  • Patience Kilel and Emily Kucklick
    Bedside handoff to reduce patient falls

  • Moneeb Iqbal, Robert Kortz, Sarah Post, and Brandon Till
    CHG bathing adherence in the UVA MICU

  • Briana Jacobs, Mellanee Gilkerson, Devi Shome, and Kaity Sorrell
    Kangaroo care in the UVA Neonatal ICU

  • Heidi Dawley, Taylore Hardisty, Cat Mischou, and Jamie Werner
    For trauma ICU patients, what interventions reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) related to cervical collar use?

  • Tyler Bailey, Grace Yang, and Rahmatullah Zahid
    Standardizing orthostatis management

  • Megan Lee, Annika Morrison, Kennedy Radix, and Carla Woodard
    Building bridges: Enhancing interprofessional communication for patient-centered care
BSN Distinguished Majors Projects

BSN students who complete Distinguished Majors Projects - work that is over and above what is required to graduate and outside the traditional BSN curriculum - spend the final year of their nursing program investigating a topic of their choice under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The following students, some of whom will publish their findings in academic journals, proposed, tested, and presented their findings to the School community, and graduate as our 2024 Distinguished Majors:

  • Kate Kim (mentor Kathryn Reid)
    Surgical smoke hazards awareness of healthcare professionals and occupational health

  • Andrew Nguyen (mentor Sarah Craig)
    RNs' perceived barriers to central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) prevention bundle adherence in the critical care setting

  • Morgan Allen (mentor Melissa Gomes)
    Sexual health disparities among Black youth and young adults

  • Catherine Beiter (mentor Emma Mitchell)
    STI education and the role of the school nurse: A descriptive study of public school nurses in Virginia

  • Molly Yeo (mentor Emma Mitchell)
    Analyzing state-based legislative initiatives on HPV vaccination and understanding the role of the school nurse in the mandate-implemented state of Virginia

  • Molly Gannon (mentor Marion Kyner)
    The use of psychogenic medications in the care of dementia patients in the emergency department

  • Laney Peters (mentor Barbara Reyna)
    Providing developmentally supportive positions in the NICU

  • Donna Nkurunziza (mentor Ishan Williams)
    Accuracy in the EHR: Assessing the quality of data collection on patients' social determinants of health in the clinical setting

  • Sam Dioneda (mentor Beth Epstein)
    The moral distress experience in minority nurses in the post-COVID-19 era

  • Connor Brumbaugh (mentor Ashley Apple)
    Barriers to cervical screening in transmasculine individuals

  • Leah Boone (mentor Christine Connelly)
    Vitiligo amongst (Black) individuals with cancer

  • Genevieve Herbert (mentor Meghan Mattos)
    Understanding the needs of care partners of homebound persons with dementia

  • Kana Roarty (mentor Kathryn Laughon)
    The efficacy of medical marijuana on treating weigh-loss related symptoms in the adult oncology population

  • Cate Rooney (mentor Bethany Coyne)
    HPV vaccination in organ transplant recipients

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