HOOS Health Check App

HOOS Health Check is a required daily personal health assessment phone app for UVA SON students, faculty, and staff planning to come to in-person learning activities or for work (remote and in-person). The app is available in the Apple app store or Android Google Play Store. 

Users are presented with a checklist of symptoms and asked whether they are experiencing them. Those who are symptom-free may proceed with their plans to come to class, clinical, or work; those experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms cannot come to work, class, or clinical and must contact Student Health or Employee Health to report their symptoms.

On a clinical attendance day if a student has any symptoms, they must immediately call to notify their clinical faculty (the night before or the morning of clinical assignment) and make a telehealth visit with Student Health. Students should not attend clinical or any in‐person training activities if they answer yes to any items the daily attestation form, develop symptoms or are exposed to COVID‐19 positive individual(s). If unsure, please contact your clinical faculty first.

HOOS Health Check