Thanks to a generous gift from Barbara Parker, PhD, RN, FAAN, we will be able to offer students small amounts of funding to facilitate completion of PhD research.

  • Purpose: This funding will be available on a rolling basis and is intended for research expenses not covered by other funding mechanism. 
  • Amount:  variable (for dissertation research expenses)
  • Eligibility:  open for PhD students who have successfully defended their dissertation proposal.

 Eigible students will

  1. Have a defended dissertation proposal
  2. Have applied for IRB approval (if required)
  3. Be currently enrolled as a PhD student
  4. Have support of their PhD advisor for their funding request
  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.  Students applying should submit an abstract of the proposed project (which may be published on the webpage), a detailed budget for the requested funds, and a brief statement of support from their advisor (which may take the form of a short email stating that they have reviewed and approved the funding request).
  • Eligible expenses include expenses and supplies necessary to carry out the proposed research.  Examples include payments to research subjects, purchase of copyrighted data collection instruments, unusual travel requirements (such as travel of more than 100 miles for data collection), transcription, editing services and other similar expenses.  Students may not request funds for wages/stipends, tuition, or normal living or commuting expenses.
  • Request should be submitted to the program director and copied to the administrative assistant to the program director.  Award decisions will be made within approximately two weeks of receipt of the application.