Funded by the Nursing Alumni Association

  • Purpose: to provide summer support for tenure track, non-tenured faculty members employed by UVA School of Nursing
  • Amount: up to $3,000 is available, and it may be used in conjunction with other SON awards
  • Funding period: June 1 through May 31
  • Eligibility: awards are made to faculty members employed by UVA School of Nursing

Submission process & guidelines

  • Deadline: February 15 of each year
  • Requirements: A clear statement of intent, plan of work, set of deliverables, timeline, evaluation plan, budget and timeframe must be included in order to request support.
  • SubmissionVisit the application website for detailed guidelines and application requirements

Selection process

The associate dean of research (ADR) reviews applications and makes his/her recommendations to the Dean, who makes the final decision. The ADR notifies the recipient, the Alumni Council awards coordinator and director of alumni affairs.

Recipient responsibilities

Submit a final report that includes outcomes related to and are a result of the project. This final report will be due June 30 the year after the award is given. Recipients of the Nightingale award are expected to have a proposal ready for submission to an external funding agency in the year following the award. Recipients are also expected to provide the Alumni Association with a written description of the work accomplished.