A fund to provide a mentored research experience for nursing undergraduates

  • Purpose: a generous bequest from a 1967 BSN alumna created the Susan McDonald Nursing Student Research Award to provide a mentored experience in nursing research for an undergraduate student, working with a faculty member. The annual award is intended to promote a creative, new, and scholarly experience for the student and may be used to assist faculty with ongoing research.
  • Amount: up to $2,000
  • Eligibility: undergraduate students in the School of Nursing registered for undergraduate courses

Submission process and guidelines

  • Students should submit a one-page summary of their interest in the experience and project objectives
  • The student's faculty mentor must submit a one-page summary of the project, detailing in particular how the faculty member will mentor the student as well as offering a paragraph portrait of the student’s individual strengths for this particular research study
  • Provide budget justification of the use of funds requested
  • Submit your application
  • Deadline: October 15, 2019

Recipient responsibilities: McDonald awardees are required to submit a one-page summary to ONR addressing how the experience helped them in their professional development.

For proposed projects conducted outside of the U.S., such as conducting an independent research or service project, attending a conference or participating in a practicum, applicants must complete the "Student project award" application on the ISO website. Students will also need to inform the director of International Initiatives of their plans.

Students are also encouraged, but not required, to participate in CORE seminars (4 in the spring or fall) before departure either for credit or as part of a class assignment if their international experience is part of a course. The on-Grounds seminars are free. Students may also register for a one credit CORE course following participation in the seminars. 

Summer students would register interest in the course in the spring and ISO would register them for credits once it was confirmed they were going abroad. Similarly, students who are doing projects in the spring would need to register and be confirmed in the fall. The exclusive tuition for students going abroad is $275 in-state and $350 out-of-state, as opposed to regular credit hour tuition rates. This does not apply to students conducting projects over spring or fall breaks. The faculty mentor is responsible for letting the student know whether they need to participate in the 4 CORE seminar and/or register for the one credit course as well as assuring the student submits the final report.

Previous recipients

  • 2017: Lisa Letzkus & Morgan Brooks Vorwald
  • 2016: Ishan Williams & Ashley Belford
  • 2015: Karen Rose & Joshua Moore