Meeting the needs of the chronically ill

  • Purpose: To support research projects that meet the needs of chronically ill people, regardless of their age
  • Amount: On average 5K-10K though evaluated on a case-by-case basis
  • Eligibility: Open to faculty members and post-doctoral scholars employed by UVA School of Nursing; more than one award may be given each year
  • Funding period: One year
  • Budget: Funds may be requested for the awardee's salary, research assistance, consultation, office supplies, equipment, and travel. The Research Committee may decide to divide the award between two applicants. These awards are considered together with intramural grant requests

Submission process & guidelines

  • Deadline: February 15 of each year
  • Submission guidelines: Follow the Proposal Components listed below, and please email your application to the Office for Nursing Research with the subject "Lanford Research Award".
  • Selection process: The Associate Dean for Research (ADR) together with the Research Committee, reviews all applications. Evaluation criteria are linked here. Lanford Research Award Evaluation Form

Proposal Components

In approximately 3-5 pages, please include the following,

  • Specific Aims: Provide an overview of your study aims and any related hypotheses.
  • Background and Significance: Include the most relevant literature to support the significance of your research.
  • Methods and Procedures: Describe your study methods to include study design, participants, measures, and analyses.
  • References: Using APA or AMA format. Include the references cited in the proposal.
  • Importance to Advancing Program of Research/Competitiveness for External Funding: Briefly describe any preliminary research on the topic and explain how the proposed research is a logical, important, and/or necessary next step.
  • Budget Justification: Please provide a brief (e.g., no more than 1 page) budget justification. Budget Sample

Recipient responsibilities 

Submit a final report detailing the outcomes of the project. This final report will be due June 30th the year after the award is given. Final report should be no longer than 1-2 pages and be emailed to the Office for Nursing Research